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Instructions for joining, copying and leaving your board.

How to join and create your BOARD:


Watch this video:

Click HERE to join the TEMPLATE

  1. Click the template link
  2. Click Create Board From Template button
  3. Rename the board (I suggest just deleting TEMPLATE)
  4. Come back here and click on the board link again
  5. Look for your icon (next to mine at the top of the screen. This lets you know that you are in fact on the “template.”)
  6. Now, click Menu (Top right, See Photo #1)
  7. Click MORE (You will see 3 dots next to it. See Photo #2)
  8. Click Leave Board (See Photo #3)
  9. Click LEAVE BOARD again. (This should fully remove you from the board. You will not be able to access your board NEXT month if you are still on this TEMPLATE.)