Discover Oils Board Members

This membership includes everything in the ORIGINAL Discover Oils Membership…

PLUS: This membership includes your graphics and information/text via a monthly board. The board will be delivered each month through this site. In addition to the board, you will get links to google drive, including graphic folders for easy download. This is great for those that wish to watermark or add logos to their items.

Discover Oils is… the ready-made program that already has EVERYTHING an essential oil educator like yourself needs: a beautiful,  professional, system to boost engagement and oil use (therefore boosting orders).

With this program, all you need to do is upload and schedule your posts.
Get your entire month (or more) planned in merely minutes.


  • Done-for-you content for each of the challenges and BONUSES
  • 4-5 additional columns of graphics with done-for-you text ready to copy and paste (this typically includes things like diffuser recipes, rollerball recipes, holiday columns, and more
  • Daily engagement graphics with done-for-you text
  • plus more


  • Guess the OIL graphics: Perfect for getting your members/followers interested.
  • Challenge Graphics: You will receive graphics for each day of the month (some months have extras).
  • Banners: 1-2 banner options.
  • Recipes & DIY Graphics: Each month you will find a variety of recipes and DIY graphics to correspond to the focus oil of the month.
  • Sneak Peeks: Sneak peeks for “next month” to boost LRP orders for “this month.” Includes additional SNEAKS to get your customers and members interested! 
  • BONUS Material: Graphics for going “live”, Health Quotes and more
  • Challenges PDF: Printable sheet to track which challenges you have posted
  • Google Drive Link: Link to google drive for long-term storage and easy access.
  • Prize Options: Multiple prize option graphics each month.
  • Congratulations/Winner Graphics: Multiple “winner” graphic options.
  • End of Month “Questions”: Ready-made graphics with questions for the end of the month. Boost engagement and find out what your customers/members like best. 
  • Monthly Newsletter: Available in jpg and PDF.
  • Monthly Postcard: Available as jpg. Can be edited and customized in Canva.
  • Spotlight Graphics & eBook: Page number varies with each oil.
  • Blog Posts/Video Links: Various links to helpful articles and videos for the current oil (when available).

The annual membership is available at a discount because it will renew each year automatically.

Course Curriculum

Start Next Lesson APRIL: Monthly Board & Info
January 2022: Cardamom
February 2022: Ylang Ylang
March 2022: Lemon Eucalyptus
April 2022: Geranium
May 2022: Rosemary
June 2022: Patchouli
July 2022: Grapefruit
Aug 2022: AromaTouch
Sept 2022: Juniper Berry
Oct 2022: Blue Tansy
Dec 2022: Wintergreen